The TruContain® Garage Containment Mat Story

TruContain® is an All-Weather Floors® Brand. TruContain® was conceived on the western slope of Colorado where 50-degree temperature swings is not uncommon. Here in Colorado we can see a ton of snow overnight and have sunshine all day.
The concept. We want our customers to go live their lives. Go play, go ride, go 4-wheeling. Bring your car back into the garage and know that we will keep the mess contained. There are enough things in life to worry about. Your garage floor should not be one of them. In short live un-contained and we'll contain the mess™

Several years ago the owner of Garage Flooring was doing business with another containment mat company. He helped reshape their offering and their product. As time moved on he was not satisfied with how the product evolved. He decided to redesign the mats based on feedback he was receiving from his customers. More sizes, two grades, and a gray embossed fabric as opposed to the thin black material he had previously sold. The product was such a hit that it has become his best selling item and a brand of its own.

In this business, some products are created. Some products evolve. We do both. We created the best containment mat in the business and have consistently evolved to meet the needs of our customers. Our product is revised seasonally to make it better, while never getting away from what made it so popular, to begin with. In 2021 we will be launching a brand new series based on the demand from our customers.


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