About Us

Trucontain is the leading containment mat in North America and possibly the world. Trucontain is owned by the same individuals that own Garage Flooring LLC of Colorado (Garage Flooring LLC). After years of selling containment mats that fell short, we took what we liked from various containment mats and combined them into the best containment mat on the market.

Colorado Inspired

Colorado knows weather, and we know how to play. Our goal with the Trucontain containment mats was to create a containment system that would work in the city or in the mountains. That eventually led to the creation of two different mats. The original series and the HD series

Not the Original. The Best

What would you prefer to watch, the original TV or the newest TV? Would you prefer the original computer or today’s computer? If you want the original containment mat, we are not it. If you want the best containment mats in the business, we have you covered, contained, and protected.